What is Candidly?

Candidly is all about true skills at work. 

We are a new job-matching portal changing how recruiting is done, initially in the software development space. Stemmed from personal experience, our founder James is passionate about shifting the screening process to focus more on skills, rather than other determinants like education and work experience that do not dictate someone’s ability to do the job.   

In March, Candidly launched two months earlier than planned. Why? Because we think candidate-first, meaning that empowering job seekers is our #1 goal. With massive layoffs from COVID-19, we made the decision to pivot; opening up our platform to candidates and employers to help those impacted to secure employment.

Our vision is to unlock opportunity and potential for everyone by creating visibility of their true skills.

We do that by allowing candidates to showcase their skills to attract employers looking to hire. Candidly users build a profile and are invited to take mini-challenges to verify specific programming skills. Keen on self-development? Our app also offers support around leveling up in specific programming languages by providing detailed feedback on their performance, as well as indicating which skills are in high market demand to inform professional development.

A focus on skills effectively eliminates unconscious bias from the screening process, providing a view of all capable candidates. Our platform includes intuitive tools that enable recruiters and hiring managers to immediately access a transparent stream of pre-verified high-quality candidates. Effective hiring through skill-matching brings accuracy to the screening process from the outset, significantly improving conversion rates throughout the rest of the hiring funnel and saving cost, energy and time.

In light of the new reality, and with employers preparing to begin re-hiring efforts, Candidly has extended its free trial period to support employers and developers as we transition out of this crisis

We look forward to your support of our vision and would love to hear from you with any feedback or questions! As we continue to work on improving our product, we will share stories on how we are shaping our community to be stronger together.

At Candidly, we invite you to come as you are.