Our Founder's Story

Everyone deserves to find meaning, joy and fulfillment at work. But the path to get there isn’t always clear.

That was the case for our founder and CEO, James.

James went straight from high school into the corporate world. He enjoyed his work, did well, and was promoted to higher-level positions. But when he began to consider senior roles at other companies, recruiters focused more on his education level than his abilities. More often than not, James found himself automatically disqualified despite 20 years of successful real-world work experience.

Frustrated that he was unable to advance, at the age of 37 James went to business school and earned his MBA. Adding those three letters to his resume opened the doors that had been tightly closed. Yet James’ hard skills hadn’t changed.

James’ experience made him realize that the hiring system is broken, and that capable candidates were being discounted for not having the “right” qualifications or work experience.

This realization was the catalyst for Candidly. And it’s why Candidly does things differently.

Candidly’s anonymous profiles level the playing field by using candidates’ real software development skills to unlock professional opportunities.

We want you to come as you are. Our platform is intuitive and our tools are judgment-free. Our technical skills assessments provide an accurate picture of your strengths, and the more you use them, the more we can validate and expand your expertise.

Competition for jobs can be fierce, but it should be fair. We help unlock opportunity and potential for everyone.

Find out how Candidly can support your job search here. Employers looking to hire can take advantage of Candidly’s extended free trial offer.