How does Candidly work? A guide for Developers

Software development is largely a skills game. Candidly is a platform that understands this fact, and believes skillset to be the best and most equitable measure for connecting you, Software Developers, with employers.  

While standard recruitment platforms offer transactional experiences — resulting in you crafting endless resumes, completing countless applications, and receiving little to no feedback — Candidly offers something new. Candidly focuses on the skills you have and showcases those skills to employers looking to hire, while guiding you as you develop and improve your skills. In this way “recruitment platform” is the wrong term; Candidly is a coaching platform that supports you every step of the way as you move towards finding a career that really fits.

The skills profile

Start by building your skills profile, which serves as a comprehensive resume of your skillset. Simply search in the app for the languages and technologies you are familiar with; and note your skill level as beginner, intermediate, or expert. By highlighting all your strengths and areas of active learning, you present the most complete picture of your potential to attract the widest range of job opportunities.

Employers are on Candidly too, looking for their next hire. Unlike traditional platforms, employers do not screen by job description, degree or experience; they screen only by skills, which are all you enter on your profile (besides relevant information like location and salary expectations).

A focus solely on skills, and the use of anonymous profiles, avoids unconscious bias in the hiring process and opens up employment opportunities for which you may have been previously overlooked. Employers also trust that you have a high probability of actually having the skills they’re looking for, something harder to prove with a traditional resume. This is because Candidly offers custom-built challenges to verify your skills, and determine confidence in your skill level.

As Candidly confirms your strengths, the platform also provides feedback on areas you can improve on; as well as offering market insight as to which skills are in high demand so that you can make informed decisions about where to focus your professional development.

Here we see the power of Candidly as a coaching platform, and the central importance of the skills profile: the richer the profile, the more feedback you’ll receive, and the greater your ability to create job opportunities for yourself.

Challenging your skills

Candidly provides bite-sized challenges that you can complete whenever you have a few minutes to spare. These challenges have been specifically created to make it easy for you to take anytime, anywhere.

In order to build up an accurate understanding of your skillset, Candidly does not simply review right or wrong answers, so you don’t have to worry that a wrong answer will leave a permanent bad mark on your record.

Rather, each question includes multiple category tags, such as syntax, object-oriented programming and fundamentals. These tags are used to determine your performance in each category by considering a number of factors, including the number of correct answers, the time spent on each question and overall trends in performance.

You won’t see how you did on each question as these are recycled to gauge your progress. Instead, Candidly informs you of the categories you excel in, and which to improve on. Your profile reflects your performance over time; demonstrating your current capabilities, growth to date and potential for future growth.

Importantly, Candidly assigns a confidence to each of the skills you challenge. The more challenges you take, the higher Candidly’s confidence in your capability, and the higher you will rank when an employer searches for your skills.

Attracting job opportunities

Candidly showcases your skills to attract job opportunities. Skills are a more equitable measure than education or experience as not everyone has access to higher education, and often developers cannot share work from previous jobs for confidentiality reasons. Skills, however, are always available to showcase and are a key determinant of your ability to perform well in the job.

Candidly provides employers with access to your anonymous skill profile on the platform. Employers search for the skills they need, and are matched with those profiles that meet their requirements. Candidates that have higher confidence levels are prioritized, so the power is in your hands to build confidence in your skills and increase your opportunity.

Employers impressed by your profile can invite you to apply for a job. You remain in control at all times. You have the ability to accept or reject invitations, and only when you accept is your personal information and resume shared with the employer. Employers include a number of possible interview slots in the invitation, allowing you to immediately secure a time with them.

Employers also have the ability to follow your profile should they see your potential but either don’t have a current vacancy, or require your skills or confidence to improve before reaching out. You will be made aware of the skills that the employer is interested in, allowing you to focus on building your skillset in those areas and increase the likelihood that they will make contact with you in the future.

We’ve made it simple and easy for you to showcase your programming skills to attract employers looking to hire! You can download the Candidly app here, and put your true skills to work.

We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions or concerns, please reach out to us at